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Junk hauling is a very valuable service for residents of San Francisco and surrounding areas. With the Bay Area growing and evolving, there has to be a way to remove and recycle all the old building materials, garbage, and other junk that is produced. If you’re taking on one of the projects below, you may need the hauling capacity of a dump truck in the near future.

Demolition Project 
If you’re taking on a residential or commercial demolition project, having access to a dump truck from a professional hauling service is absolutely essential. Dump trucks are great for carrying large loads of waste away from the demolition site for disposal. They’re also ideal for carrying salvage building supplies and recyclable materials away to the proper facilities. Larger dump trucks are preferable over smaller trucks since they can quickly remove material from the demolition site to create a safer, cleaner work environment.

Excavation and Remodeling 
Are you in the process of remodeling your home or business? All of those old fixtures, cabinets, plumbing pieces, building materials, and even pieces of furniture need to be quickly removed from the work site in order to get your remodeling or excavation process quickly underway. Since many of these materials can be reused or recycled, choose a hauling service with a commitment to environmental stewardship through reducing waste, reusing salvage materials, and recycling.

Yard Overhaul 
Most municipalities in the metropolitan San Francisco area do not allow yard waste to be dumped for normal garbage pickup. To make redoing your landscaping or removing yard waste easier, hire a hauling company to carry your yard waste away in a dump truck. Hauling yard waste away makes your yard easier and safer to work in, and also protects your lawn from damage caused by heavy branches, limbs, hardscaping, and other materials.

For reliable hauling services throughout the Bay Area, contact Peninsula Hauling & Demolition, Inc. We’re San Francisco’s premier demolition, hauling, and construction trucking service, ready to carry away your commercial and residential waste. Call (650) 596 8105

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