Pool removal maybe the farthest thing from the minds of  swimming-pool owners when they first had their pools built.  After all, having your own pool not only increases your property’s value, it is also a good way for your family to stay healthy with exercise.  Entertaining guests and family at home is more fun with a pool party.  At the very least, a stressful day at work can be conveniently remedied with a dip in your home swimming pool.

However, below are some down side to a home pool that you should consider:

1.  Pool maintenance, upkeep and water usage are costly.

2.  Pools are a drowning risk to young children.

3.  Pools take up yard space.

4.  Some buyers shy away from buying homes with pools.

If these disadvantages are real to you, consider pool removal.  The task is made easy if you entrust the job to a qualified contractor.  Make sure the contractor  has proven work history and ethics.  It may be necessary to insist on a pool removal contract wherein the lines are drawn clearly as to work plan, contractor’s obligations, removal permits, state lien laws, cancellation penalties, and pricing and payment details.

If you’re looking for a good pool removal contractor in the Bay Area, look no further.  Contact us to learn more about our pool removal services.

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