From the transport of building materials to the removal of debris following a full-scale demolition, trucks are used for a variety of construction-related tasks. If you are planning the details of a demolition project and trying to figure out how you will clean the site up afterward, read about the trucks below to determine which type is best suited to your needs.

Peninsula Hauling Standard Dump Truck

Peninsula Standard Dump Truck

Standard Pick-Up

  • If you are demolishing a structure that is the size of a standard dog house, then you might be able to get away with using a neighbor’s pick-up truck to clear the debris you are left with. Of course, the issue of properly disposing of the debris still exists. In the end, it may be worth it to hire a hauling company to properly and eco-consciously dispose of your waste for you, even for a small project.





Peterbilt Tractor with end dump truck

Peterbilt Tractor with end dump truck

Lowboy with an excavator
Lowboy with an excavator

Peterbilt Tractor with End Dump Truck

  • For nearly 75 years, Peterbilt Motors Company has assembled and manufactured powerful vehicles that are fit to handle heavy-duty tasks. Equipped with large end dump trucks, the Peterbilts used by Peninsula Hauling & Demo can remove just about any type of debris that remains following a demolition.

  • Lowboy Truck
  • Most commonly used to transport demolition equipment such as bulldozers and excavators to and from a worksite, lowboy trucks can also be used to haul away large structural elements that are to remain intact.



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