Reducing Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Designs For Reducing Carbon Footprint

The modern mantra of “purchase, use and dispose,” has become a major threat to the place we live. Today disposables have become an integral part of our lives. The markets seem to be flooded with the disposable items. We can find anything from bags to underwear, cameras, etc. that employs the “use and throw” logic. But, many of the disposable items are not recyclable, adding to the threat of the global warming. These products get discarded in the landfills, making a mountain out of them. The hazards of the toxins that ooze out are incomprehensible. Moreover, some products take years to decompose, with items like the styrofoam cups requiring fifty years to disintegrate.

Even the basic needs of life are satisfied through the employment of the disposables. Gone are the days when the people used to go for the tap water to quench their thirst. The bottled water providers we see are thriving on the overflowing demands we place with them. But, every bottle that you discard has only two options – either to get recycled or to go to the landfill. Recycling again makes use of the energy and can leave traces of pollution and deplete the natural resources, however much you attempt to do otherwise. So, with the impact overtaking the gains, it is always wiser to make a switch to the normal water that gushes out of the pipe. The simple task of switching to the filtered tap water filled in a permanent water bottle can have a huge impact on the environment, than you are aware of. So, every time you have a sip of the water from the bottled cans, remember your contribution to the environment and this can readily offer you with the motivation to make the shift.

The need for educating the people on the necessity to rely on the simple measures and employ sustainable designs that have a longer impact for a greener environment has to start at the grassroot levels. Sustainable designs are those designs that are environment friendly. The educational institutions and other establishments have recognized the social responsibility that lies on their shoulders and has taken the initiative to educate the mass on adopting simple lifestyle changes to protect the environment.

Also, one needs to be aware of the best way of the disposal to reduce the wastes sent to the landfills. The demolition, hauling and the junk removal companies are in better position to recognize the perfect waste disposal process that can make our environment a great place to live. The presence of the knowledgeable staff and the proper tools make their services highly appreciable. Whether it is the cleaning up of the garden shed, homes or the yard, they segregate the wastes into reusable, recyclable and the others. Through effective reuse and recycling of the wastes, your contribution as a responsible citizen can shoot significantly.

To conclude, make a shift to the sustainable designs and wherever impossible to make the switch, dispose the wastes responsibly to reduce the carbon footprint.

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