We demolish everything!

We take care of a wide range of demolition jobs — from residential and commercial demolition, to interior and exterior demolition, and even full house demolition. We take pride in being diversified in our services. Our goal is to provide more and more demolition services for the benefit of our customers.

Our residential demolition services include:

  •      Block or Retaining Wall Excavation   
  •      Concrete Demolition
  •      Hillside Excavation
  •      Asphalt Demolition
  •      Land Grading/Leveling
  •      Home Demolition
  •      Mobile Home/Trailer Demolition
  •      Kitchen Remodeling
  •      Shed Demolition
  •     Soft/Hard Demolition
  •      Swimming Pool Demolition
  •      Deck or Patio Demolition

Hassle-free residential demolition

We take great care to provide only the most professional and efficient demolition job for you.  We are equipped with the skills and equipments to do a total or selective residential demolition job.

Safe and tidy residential demolition

We understand the importance of your property to YOU.  That is why we take all necessary safety precautions to protect your site from any unwanted damage during demolition.  We arrive, do our job, keep the site neat while we do that, and pick up our clutter when we’re finished.  We maintain cleanliness at all times.

Value for your money

 What sets us apart from other demolition companies is that we give the most value for your dollar with our high-quality trucks and equipments, experienced crews and our great customer service.  Our residential demolition jobs are the lowest-priced within the Bay Area.

We practice GREEN residential demolition.

Any debris materials produced by our residential demolition job, such as lumber or concrete, are recovered, recycled or reused.

You are more than a JOB to us!

We gain the trust of our customers because we understand and respect the story behind each residential demolition – the walls we tear down, the porches we remove, or an entire house demolished. Like you, it is our desire to provide your family with a safe and healthy home to live in. 

Call us at 650-596-8105 for demolition needs not listed above and we’ll give you a prompt estimate.