Safety In TheDemolition Zone

Safety In TheDemolition Zone

Demolition is an essential step of many construction projects. When you are planning a residential demolition project, it is highly important to work with a company that specializes in demolition serving San Francisco, CA. With the help of a demolition contractor, you can make sure that your project is performed safely and efficiently. Along with demolishing your existing building, your contractor can also provide proper waste disposal services. Read on for some helpful tips that will keep you safe around a demolition site.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

Whenever workers are on or near a demolition site, it is highly important that they are provided with personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment is defined as any safety equipment that is worn by personnel. For example, hard hats can be worn to protect workers from falling debris.

Ensure Proper Support

During the demolition process, your contractor will need to make sure that your building is properly supported as it is demolished. When floors or walls are being prepared for demolition, they will need to be braced or shored with the proper equipment. In addition, the demolition should be performed systematically so that load supporting walls or floors are not demolished before the materials that they are supporting have been removed.

Practice Proper Disposal

When a building is demolished, many different types of construction debris will be created. Among these materials, there may be items that are contaminated with harmful substances, such as lead based paint and asbestos. You will want to make sure that all of these materials are disposed of in a safe manner.

For assistance with your upcoming residential or commercial demolition project, be sure to contact Peninsula Hauling & Demolition. We proudly provide our clients throughout the San Francisco, CA area with a full range of high quality demolition services. To schedule a consultation for your upcoming demolition project today, give us a call at (650) 596 8195

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