Demolition can require a lot of work. You also need to know exactly how to do demolition in order to do it right, which is why you should trust Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc to be your demolition contractor in San Francisco, CA.

When you call on us for our demolition services, we will take care of demolishing just about anything you want. Whether you are preparing for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, want to replace your swimming pool, or have another part of your property like a deck or patio that needs to be removed, we can demolish it for you quickly and, more importantly, safely. We take demolition very seriously and will not let you down.

Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc, a family-owned business that has been around since 2002, can provide you with a free demolition estimate. You can find out about the demolition services we currently offer by calling us at (650) 596-8105 today.

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