Why Recycling in Important

At Peninsula Hauling & Demolition, reducing our company’s impact on the environment is a top priority, which is why we recycle nearly 75% of all the garbage we haul away. But why is recycling so important to us?

Every time we salvage materials from our haul, they’re not just diverting junk away from a landfill—they’re also eliminating the need for new materials. We firmly believe that recycling can help us to reduce our impact on the environment through minimizing waste accumulation, reduce energy consumption, and can even reduce the production of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide.

For these reasons, Peninsula Hauling & Demolition is committed to running our business in a sustainable manner without sacrificing performance. We’ve been able to recycle three-quarters of the waste that we collect while continuing to provide the high quality demolition and hauling services San Francisco expects. Call (650) 596-8105 for more information on our services.

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