World Environment Day 2011

World Environment Day 2011

The 39th annual World Environment Day was observed on June 5th, a day which brings a global awareness of environment-friendly practices both by industries and individuals. Millions of people all over the world are encouraged to clean up their act and go green in as many ways as possible. One important aspect of our daily lives is the disposal of waste material, which could contribute significantly towards a greener environment.

§  Yard waste contributes to the major portion of our waste material. Don’t just leave the grass clippings on the lawn. Put them in bags to go to the compost bins in centralized compost units of your area.

§  Waste disposal methods can be made easier if manufacturers resort to proper product packaging. Lightweight material like aluminum can also reduce the amount of waste. Newspapers and magazines can use smaller and thinner sheets of paper, which can decompose more easily.

§  Waste disposal efficiency can be improved by providing incentives to the public. This will result in lesser and better disposal of waste.

§  Always try to sort through your trash before you dispose them into the bin. If there is any material that you could possibly reuse or repair, it can be salvaged instead of occupying more space in landfills.

§  You could also try to use less disposable products and substitute such products with environmentally-friendly ones.

§  Some people throw away a lot of leftover products due to spoilage. You could try buying smaller sizes and more durable products, thereby reducing the waste to be disposed. Try to use China crockery instead of plastic and paper plates which will only end up in more disposal bags.

§  Place a small container near your kitchen sink, so that the waste goes directly into it and then straight from there to the compost bins.

Proper disposal practices will reduce toxic waste and pollution risks. Given above are just some of the creative ways for reducing and managing waste disposal.

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