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Swimming Pool Removal

We in california are in the third year of a stubborn drought, many homeowners with pools in the backyards  are questioning their existence, saying private swimming pools may be a waste of precious water. Many are considering the process of a complete removal of the pool. In this case, you could call in the experts to make the job quick and painless. They carry out inspections, demolition, and back fill and so on. All you need to do is sit back and watch the wreck disappear. The job will be completed with minimal disturbance to you or your neighbors in a timely way.

But before demolishing their pool or Sauna, people often wonder if the value of their home would drop if they demolish the pool. Of course, the value of your house depends on the amenities that are provided and the loss of a pool is naturally considered a minus. However, there are many markets where not having a pool makes the house more valuable.

Once you have decided to demolish your pool or sauna, then you need to understand the process. There is a complete swimming pool demolition, a partial removal where only the top layer is removed and another type of partial removal where two feet from the top are removed.

If you are considering building or constructing over the pool then it has to be entirely removed and all the concrete along with the re-enforced steel has to be removed and the pool has to be filled with sand. The costs will be quite high and you may need to haul out the concrete. The dirt to be poured into the area should be periodically compressed so that the sand becomes really compact before you make any future constructions on that site.

In partial removal, only the top tiled layer of the pool walls is removed and then holes are punched at the bottom part of the pool. These are filled up with gravel and the water is allowed to drain. The whole area of the pool is filled with dirt and made compact. You can do any other landscaping work here later on and even grow anything by adding topsoil. Partial demolition of your pool is also possible where the top two feet with the re-enforced steel is removed.

For more information about swimming pool demolition or to hear more about the great services that we provide to the San Francisco area, call us at (650) 596 8105


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