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Whether you need to take down a single wall or an entire building, demolition is best left to the professionals at Peninsula Hauling & Demo., Inc. We provide residential, industrial, and commercial demolition services in San Francisco, CA and throughout the Bay Area. You probably don’t know what to expect on demolition day, which is why we’ve created this article to give you a look inside the demolition process. The specifics of your demolition will depend on the size and scope of the project, but this is a fairly straightforward look at demolitions.

Assess Your Needs

The first step is to visit your home or business and assess your specific demolition needs. There are many different factors involved in planning and carrying out a successful demolition, all of which must be accounted for in person by an experienced demolition contractor.

Create a Demolition Plan

Next, your demolition contractor will create a plan for the entirety of the project, from preliminary arrangement like getting permits and preparing the site to the actual demolition and the ensuing cleanup and debris removal. Although you’ve likely already received a quote, the estimate may change based on the contractor’s findings during the assessment and planning phase. Our ultimate goal is to demolish your home or building in the safest and most efficient way possible while staying within your budget.

Carry Out the Demolition

After all the necessary arrangements have been made and the site is safe and secure, a demolition crew will arrive to carry out the demolition plan. You are more than welcome to stick around and watch the demolition (from a safe distance of course) or you can leave and know that when you return you’ll be able to get started on whatever comes next.

If you are in need of residential, industrial, or commercial demolition in the Bay Area, call the demolition experts at Peninsula Hauling & Demo., Inc. Call us today at (650) 596 8105 to speak with one of our demolition contractors about your needs.

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