Deconstruction Makes Sense

Deconstruction Makes Sense

First things first—deconstruction and demolition are not the same. Demolition destroys a structure, and the remnants are removed. Deconstruction, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly step before the true demolition begins. During deconstruction, specialists salvage materials from the structure that can be reused, thus reducing waste, and giving you the option to keep, repair, or reuse those lovely windows from your cottage for another project, for example.

So, what can you salvage? Plenty of things: doors, flooring, security vaults, lighting, toilets, windows, columns, hardware, carpet—and much more. These items can be placed in your new house, saving you time and money. In many cases, salvaged items can be sold for tax benefits so, by going green with deconstruction, you’re saving green, too.

At Peninsula Hauling and Demolition, we’re committed to getting the job done without disrupting our precious environment. We’re licensed and insured, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that experienced professionals are working on the property. To learn more about us or schedule a consultation call 650 596 8105

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