Reuse and Deconstruction

Does keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum keep you from doing much wanted additions to your home. Do you want to keep demo to a minimum and  try to keep as much of the demolition debris as possible out of the landfill. A definition of deconstruction (a.k.a. disassembly) could be: a process by which a house is taken apart – either wholly or partially – with the intention of salvaging all or part of the building materials. You might say it’s green demolition. – see more at our deconstruction page

Here at Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc., we provide hauling and demolition services for homes and businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We are one of the most trusted hauling and demolition businesses in the Bay Area thanks to our competitive prices, quality work, and environmentally-friendly practices. We are a lead-safe EPA and green certified company, which means we reuse and recycle 85 percent of all garbage we collect. We are committed to the fight against environmental degradation.

To learn more about our eco-friendly hauling and demolition practices, visit our website or call us at (650) 596 8105. You can also call us to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for your residential or commercial hauling or demolition job.

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