Decoonstruction Better Than Demolition?

Decoonstruction Better Than Demolition?

If you are considering a cleaning up operation of your garden, shed, yard or even a demolition of your existing home, you should consider the services of deconstruction companies and not demolition services. Deconstruction is an innovative way of demolition, where all useful material and fixtures from your home are salvaged and safely removed before the demolition process is started. In Deconstruction every recyclable material, such as lumber, concrete, roof tiles, copper pipes, wiring and hundreds of other useful material is dismantled. This helps to minimize the debris in the landfills and provides an Eco-friendly approach. Going in for such green techniques is the necessity of the hour and is the only way we can sustain a healthy and clean planet.

Demolition may be easy and also quick whereas through deconstruction, you could salvage much of your belongings for re-use and recycling. This can benefit the builder, the customer and the environment. You can reclaim items, such as cabinetry, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. and these can be used in other projects or sold to others who need them. The carbon dioxide produced from manufacture of new materials is also reduced in case of reusing by deconstruction. It provides a safe, green alternative of taking down a structure or building.

The material that is salvaged is shipped to The Reuse People so that it can be sold and distributed to the public. They are also sold as raw materials for making furniture, flooring and so on. Lumber is sold to mills, where it is cut and reused in buildings.

Deconstruction is definitely favorable, as you can even get tax benefits with this green initiative. You can donate the materials to non-profit organizations or sell them for some community projects or even to charity. You can then claim tax benefits. The tax savings that you make are sometimes more than enough to offset the costs of the deconstruction services. When you consider the pros and cons, you will surely agree that deconstruction works out more favorable than demolition in the long run. Your net cost in the final analysis could even be zero. Deconstruction also offers ample scope for labor to get trained in the useful way of disposing and salvaging reusable material.

If you wish, you can also incorporate the salvaged material into your new project or building. Many deconstruction services are teaming up with reuse concerns, so that they can offer the services for a nominal fee and they can then help you sell the recycled and salvaged materials. There are many municipalities in various states offering incentives for such recycling and deconstruction activities. If you compare the costs of deconstruction to the traditional demolition, you will surely agree that the former will provide you with greater economic benefit.


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