DT 4900 International

DT 4900 International

One of the more iconic and easily recognizable vehicles used in construction projects, the dump truck can be found the world over. Hauling large amounts of materials to and from construction sites, they are a common sight in both urban and rural areas. While their appearance is often large and daunting, dump trucks work in similar ways to the more common vehicles that most people are used to.

The Dump Bed

The dump bed, the defining characteristic of the dump truck, is used to carry loose materials. While there are several variations, the standard dump truck is one of the most common. This type of design operates by using a hydraulic lift to tilt the bed backward and dump the materials either over a lip or out of a hinged tailgate.

Engine and Machinery

Standard dump trucks operate, for the most part, much like many other vehicles. They generally have two axles, front steering, and an internal combustion engine. A power take-off system, or PTO, allows the bed to draw power from vehicle’s engine in order to operate the lift mechanism. A telescoping hydraulic arm allows the lift mechanism to remain compact while being able to tilt the dump bed to extreme angles.

Body and Design

Most dump trucks used for smaller construction and demolition projects use a design similar to a flatbed truck, with two axels and no actuation behind the cab. Larger dump trucks may feature more axels for support, a joint behind the cab to improve maneuverability, and different dumping actions.

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