• We offer the best junk removal, hauling and demolition services in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
  • We are a green  company (lead-safe EPA-certified) deeply committed to turning garbage removal into a green initiative that protects and preserves the environment.
  • We recycle nearly ALL of the garbage we collect.
  • We have the lowest price rates on garbage removal services in the entire Bay Area.
  • You can call us for a free quote at 650-596-8105 or request an estimate online. You can save $20 off your booking charges by filling out our online estimate form.
  • We provide fast and prompt hauling & demolition services.
  • We have the friendliest staff to provide you with a rewarding experience, and an equally professional team of experts to get the job done.
  • We have the resources to remove, haul and demolish practically any type of debris excluding hazardous waste. With 11 vehicles, 1 bobcat excavator, 2 estimators and 20 odd strong bilingual crew members, we are confident that we can handle any challenge.

After you have called us on the phone or filled out our online form, we schedule to meet you at your property to discuss your job. Or you can send us an email to info@PeninsulaHauling.com with a photo of the job. Our trained staff will evaluate your needs and will immediately contact you with an accurate estimate.

We know your time is valuable so you will not have to wait endlessly after you have requested  an estimate.

For calls placed before 9am we provide same day service or another day you find convenient!

You can save by referring a friend who needs junk removal, hauling or demolition services. Call us by phone or fill out the online request form with your friend’s details. We will contact your friend, and you will receive a $25 coupon after we have confirmed a successful booking.