5 benefits of Recycling

5 benefits of Recycling

Simply disposing of your junk is not considered smart or responsible; instead you should partake in the environmentally-friendly initiative and recycle. Finding new uses for your junk through recycling not only protects the environment but saves valuable resources. You will be left with a good feeling knowing you have done your social duty and helped others in need.

Recycling has many positive benefits;

Recycling centers find new uses for all your discarded items. They either take apart the items to use the spare parts or they find a way to use the whole item. You can be assured that your appliance or electronics will not be wasted in a landfill, where they pollute the land. Plastic remains without decomposing for a long time, and just lies uselessly. The space marked for waste storage instead finds a more constructive purpose.

Landfills are smelly, dirty and disease-ridden places that are harbingers of toxic gases. The waste takes a prolonged time to decompose and releases poisonous gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. The methane is highly explosive while the carbon dioxide causes nausea, vomiting and asphyxiation. Aside from air pollution, water pollution is very common in landfills. The waste from landfills leaks into groundwater because of poor structure maintenance.

1) The recycling initiative is growing into an industry with a variety of services being offered that cater to the eco-conscious.  More and more people are recognizing the importance of recycling and are using the services, generating a need for skilled labor. By participating in the recycling industry, you are enabling the employment of many people.

2) Recycling ensures our valuable resources will be conserved as manufacturing new items usurps a lot of energy and resources. By choosing to recycle we significantly reduce our energy costs. Old workable parts from worn items can be used instead of producing new parts. According to figures, double the amount of energy is used to manufacture brand new aluminum cans whereas they can be recycled using less energy.

3) With only a little imagination, old and used items can be fashioned into many creative things. Many artists have begun deriving inspiration from junk, using discarded items to create fashionable jewelry and art. Plastic containers can be made into Christmas Décor or lave lamps. Paper mache, made from old newspapers, in the shape of animals can look amazing in your home. Many recycling centers pay money for plastic, aluminum and glass so people can earn a little extra money from the exchange.

4) Alternatively, when you purchase specific recyclable products, you save money. For example, when you purchase a recycled ink cartridge, you only pay for the ink and not the container. Therefore, the price is reduced.

5) Taking into consideration the benefits, the outcome and the effects, recycling is the best option for people. Green awareness is educating people and encouraging participation.  However, for the industry to have a stronger structure, laws should be in place and should be enforced so the green movement can make a greater impact on the environment.


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