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The demolition of a building requires a number of advanced steps, regardless of whether it’s a business or residential property. When it’s a building demolition that will affect the lives of many people, they’ll all need to know at an early date. Even if the building has long been unused, the demolition must be carefully planned to ensure its success.

1)Failure to Notify All Interested Parties

If you’re intent on leveling a building, conflicts could brew if anyone affected is not properly notified. Therefore, it’s crucial to inform everyone with a vested interest in the building, including managers, leasers, and renters. Send out notices of the demolition to each individual by regular and certified mail. To further ensure that everyone receives this notice, double check the address records of each recipient.

2)Failure to Give Advanced Warning

The tenants of your building will need to know your plans early enough to find new places to live on time. So you must inform them well in advance of when the demolition will occur, and the earlier date by which they must be vacated from the property. Post notices of the demolition at all the main access points of the property, including the main and side entrance ways, the mail-box area, the laundry and workout rooms, and on the front door of each unit.

3)Failure to Enact a Full-Scale Demolition

When plans are made for a building demolition, the necessary measures must be accurately determined. One notable failure in this regard was the attempted 2005 demolition of the Zip Feed Tower in Sioux Falls, S.D. Demolition workers set up an explosive ring around the base after cutting reinforcements, but this only caused the tower to sink into its basement. The now-leaning building ultimately required a wrecking ball.

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