The National Weather Service says that there’s now a 90 percent chance of an El Niño this winter. The last  El Nino year was in 1997-98 which saw a robust rainfall season  of nearly epic proportions for San Francisco.  Numerous San Francisco records were set as the influences of an extremely strong El Niño were felt throughout the State.

The uprooting of the trees and the falling branches are a major threat to people and property during the violent weather.

The gushing rains can easily saturate the soil ripping out the trees from its roots making it one of the dreaded nightmares. Moreover, the situation is made worse with the violent winds making the task of removing the fallen branches from the rooftops precarious.

Clearing  the damages caused by the tempestuous winds requires trimming of the branches and the removal of the rotten trees before the wind blows them down. So, to make your small contribution against the prevention of the branches and the trees falling on to the power lines and other property, call the experienced professionals to make the best job of it.

We at Peninsula Hauling  have the expertise to work on dangerous grounds otherwise impossible to be dealt by the ordinary people. Being in possession of the right equipment and experienced manpower, our professionals can perform an exemplary job in limiting the damage during the stormy weather. The equipment like the extension trimmers can easily perform the task of cutting down the branches in hard-to-reach areas. The professionals can work even during bad weather and emergency situations.

So, never venture out to the task of trimming or cutting down the trees in your property by risking your life when you can get the services of the experts a phone-call away. To learn more about the tree removal services contact us at  Peninsula Hauling and Demolition by calling (650) 596 8105.  Whether you have a house that needs to be demolished, or seeking hauling services for your residence or business, we offer a full range of convenient services to help you.

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